Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wardman Park around the Holidays

Today, I am working Thanksgiving and it is so extremely slow here at the Marriott. This is my first job that I have had working on a holiday. I guess that comes hand in hand with working in the hospitality industry. It is interesting to witness serving our guests on a holiday and how different guests act towards us. We actually enjoy a stress free day, as most guests are much nicer to us regarding their rooms and their stay in general. I personally do not working when it is so slow, which at our hotel we rarely are. I was talking with another co-worker today and we discussed that since we are the largest hotel in DC and that we have high occupancy most of the time, it would be very difficult to go work at another hotel due to the fact that we might be extremely bored and feel less challenged. The best part about working at Wardman Park is the meeting so many people and how everyday is unexpected and different.

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