Monday, November 9, 2009

New Projects

This week has been so fun and busy due to the fact that President Obama and the Prime Minister of Israel are planning on speaking at our hotel in D.C. to a large convention that we have in house. We have a high level of security at our hotel right now that it feels like we are at the airport. It is nice to work at a hotel that draws influential leaders from throughout the world. It has been inspiring and exciting to get to be in my position to witness it all. This week a couple of my managers also came to me to let me do mini projects other than my daily tasks of the front desk. It is nice to see that they trust me enough to let me do other projects. I did things like help with accounting/billing jobs, as well as other tasks to prepare for over 1000 people checking in one day. All of us front desk agents work hard everyday pulling long hours/overtime and it pays off when are managers recognize us. We also have great team building days that helps us recognize how hard we do work.

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