Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Follow Up

I just completed my month long training at Wardman Park and I am still learning new things everyday. I am still feeling very intimidated trying to apply all that I have learned so far and multi-taking on having conversations with fellow guests and giving them a speedy check-in or check-out. Now that I am an employee, I have a new found respect for the hospitality industry and how much work, time and effort is involved to provide great customer service. It is a lot harder than it looks because every single person that comes up to you has different wants, needs, preferences and personalities. My job is to assess all these qualities and act accordingly to make sure they are completely satisfied. The one thing that I think that I have excelled the most is following up with guests. If you call that guests room and make sure that they received there extra towels or that there more comfortable with there new room, these are the little things that matter the most to guests. If you take one second out of your busy day to follow up with a guest, they will remember your hotel over another, as you are going above and beyond. It makes me feel good to know that making a little effort goes along way.

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