Friday, August 28, 2009


I first started at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington D.C. being a Guest Service Representative about three weeks ago. It has been an extensive training process learning the computer system, establishing the background on the hotel and how the Marriott runs its companies. Not to mention that I started work only two days after I moved from Arizona to D.C. It has been a worldwind learning the public transportation system after leaving my car in Arizona. Everyone out here takes the Metro and DASH buses to help commute to there jobs. I love it so far, as D.C. is such a vibrant and fast pace enviornment. I am just finishing up my third week at the Marriott and learning so much in such a short time. The Wardman Park is the biggest hotel in D.C. as it holds 1,313 rooms and is a conference and convention hotel. I will be working hands on with all the guests checking them in and out and making sure that they get the best level of service possible. At the Marriott, we are trained to go above and beyond to help make Marriott guests and Marriott Reward Members continue to come back to us or other Marriott locations on a regular basis. We are trained in many different departments during our month of training, so that we know where everything is and how to direct our guests to the appropriate person. My job is very stressful so far as I am the new girl and trying to take on so much so fast. I look forward to learning more and more everyday to help me excel at my job and to continue learning new skills that I will be able to utilize in my career.

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